Our Projects


Helping the helpers

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Aufklärwerk aims to reduce discrimination and prejudice in society. The aim is to sensitise children and young people to topics such as discrimination, inclusion, equality and addiction through workshops, lectures and guided tours integrated into the curriculum in order to achieve a harmonious and open society in Germany in the long term.

Founded: November 2020

Location: Germany


Fighting youth unemployment in Bosnia with social IT services

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DeBaCode is a non-profit organisation that works with Bosnian students to develop IT services for SMEs and social associations in Germany. The Bosnians receive an above-average wage and can gain practical experience at the same time. Companies in Germany benefit from DeBaCode's consultancy services and receive low-cost software.

Founded: November 2017 (non-profit UG since March 2020)

Location: Karlsruhe (Germany), Sarajevo and Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Safe alternative to paraffin lamps in rural regions of India

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SonaLight has set itself the goal of replacing environmentally harmful paraffin lamps in rural regions in India with solar-powered, battery-operated LED lamps in order to reduce safety, health and social risks.

Founded: 2016

Location: Photo Pathar near Lumding (India)


Beekeeping with addicts

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As a group of students and addicts, we meet weekly to look after the bees. While we mainly meet at our apiaries from spring to autumn and accompany the bees throughout the year, we make various bee products during the cold winter months, such as wax cloths, our own honey soap or insect hotels.

Founded: March 2019

Location: Karlsruhe (Germany)


Building houses from plastic waste

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Fish'N'Bricks combats environmental pollution caused by plastic waste, unemployment, poverty and unacceptable housing conditions in Indonesia. The aim is to produce building bricks from recycled plastic. In the short term, these are intended for the construction of various simple structures; in the long term, the aim is to provide affordable housing for people in need.

Founded: January 2019 (currently in the production definition phase)

Location: Ambon (Indonesien)

ZamBam Sports

Bamboo shin guards

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Be active. Be innovative. Be ZamBam. In Zambia produced shin guards made of bamboo for all sports lovers. "Our vision is to promote sport structurally in a consistent way and to shape the sustainability of the sports industry through innovative alternatives in order to contribute to the socio-ecological transformation of our society."

Founded: 2021

Location: Zambia