Our Partners

We are always on the lookout for companies that share our mission to successfully implement social projects. Supporting us with expertise, resources and commitment helps us to bring about sustainable change, hand in hand with our reliable partners. Their contribution is essential to our success and enables us to make a positive social impact.

Support with Resources

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Support Enactus Karlsruhe with your resources. Your financial help, material donations or the contribution of expertise and infrastructure are essential for the success of our projects. Your support enables us to realise sustainable and effective projects and at the same time build a bridge between your company and future leaders. In return, we also have a lot to offer to you.

Live Corporate Social Responsibility

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As a partner of Enactus Karlsruhe, you have the opportunity to actively live and demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). By supporting our social and sustainable projects, you not only demonstrate your commitment to society, but also integrate CSR deeply into your corporate culture. Your participation in our initiatives reflects your willingness to actively promote and support positive social change.

Enabling Employees to get socially involved

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You can also offer your employees the opportunity to get involved in a non-profit organisation. By giving your employees time off for social projects, you not only promote your team's social awareness, but also the personal and professional development of your employees. This commitment strengthens team spirit and shows that your company thinks outside the box.

Get in touch with Next-Gen-Leaders

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Cooperating with Enactus opens the door to a new generation of managers. Our committed and innovative students are the leaders of tomorrow. Through direct contact with them, you can recognise and promote talent at an early stage and gain valuable insights into the mindset and demands of the next generation. At the same time, they can talk about their company practices, e.g. in workshops, in order to complete the bilateral exchange.

Increase Visibility

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A partnership with Enactus Karlsruhe increases the visibility of your company in the public eye. Your involvement in social projects becomes part of your brand identity and demonstrates your commitment to acting in a socially responsible manner. This visibility not only promotes the positive image of your company, but also strengthens your relationships with customers and the community. Enactus Karlsruhe has a wide reach, which we are happy to utilise to draw attention to your company.

Our Promise to You

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Out of gratitude, Enactus Karlsruhe would like to give something back to every partner . That is why there are different sponsorship programmes so that there is something for everyone and all sponsors receive an appropriate return for their support. We would be happy to discuss the exact structure of the sponsorship packages with you in person. Here you can get a small " taste" of what we can do for you.